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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition's Title Update 9 will be arriving in a matter of days. Developer 4J Studios announced that the major content update, featuring The End, is due next week.

"TU9 has passed Cert testing! The Microsoft LIVE team has scheduled the TU9 roll out for Friday 5th April," tweeted the studio today. "The End is nigh :)"

The End is a challenging new adventure for players. They must gather materials to create a portal by defeating Endermen. Then they must travel through the portal to battle a beast known as the Enderdragon. A fan-made trailer for the update is below.

Title Update 9 is also filled with smaller changes, as 4J tries to bring the 360 edition of Minecraft up to speed with its PC counterpart. Players can look forward to spawn eggs, climbable vines, fire charges and more.

Later this month, 4J will release a boxed copy of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

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