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In a new interview, legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned a few projects that should make long-time Nintendo fans happy. In the next few years, we could see new games based on Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past or F-Zero.

Miyamoto told Edge that he'd like to see a 3DS remake of Link to the Past. However, he'd prefer to create something new inspired by it instead.

"I think the answer would be the same if we're talking about just porting," he said, "but I think I'd be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link To The Past. I think it's important to bring some really new software."

Miyamoto wouldn't be in charge of this project, whatever it was. He's more hands-off these days and focused on mentoring the upcoming generation of Nintendo developers. Whether Link to the Past gets a sequel or a remake depends on what directors are available.

"Some directors, I can give them the title and I know they will do something great with it. Other directors I'm not so 100 per cent confident [in], so they're the ones I'd rather take a more remake approach to the title. It really depends on that as well."

Another game from the SNES era, F-Zero, could get updated with current technology as well according to Miyamoto. However, he seems less certain of how they'd make a new F-Zero relevant in today's market.

"I think at the time it was a really big surprise, a new thing, a product that made sense. I don't see with current hardware how you could create a similar surprise. But maybe with future hardware, with Wii U coming up, maybe we could create something that does make sense, either as a smaller game, or a fully fledged title."

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