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Today Activision announced the PS3 launch date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Content Season. The first downloadable content for the shooter will arrive on PSN on February 28th for premium Call of Duty Elite members.

On that date, two maps will be available for Elite subscribers. "Liberation" is a wide-open map set in New York City's Central Park. "Piazza" is set in a seaside Italian getaway. Screenshots of both maps are below.

This downloadable content was released on Xbox Live last week. Activision and Microsoft have a long-term agreement in place that ensures Call of Duty DLC arrives on the Xbox 360 first. It looks like the exclusivity window for MW3, as with the other games in the series, a month long.

Owners of either console who aren't Elite subscribers will have to wait longer. Instead of downloading content as it's released, they'll have to wait until Activision releases larger compilations called Content Collections. The first Collection is due in March.

There was no mention of the PC in today's announcement. It's not surprising, as there's no Elite for the PC. More than likely, they won't get to see this new content until March.