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If you couldn't get enough of Kevin Tancharoen's take of Mortal Kombat with his live-action webseries, Legacy, be prepared as Warner Bros has announced that a second season is imminent. The original series was a direct tie-in for helping tell the back-stories for the characters leading up to the release of the rebooted Mortal Kombat game. Could it be possible that the second season indicates that yet another game is in the works? Probably not, but it's still cool.

The reboot of Mortal Kombat was a combination of the first two Mortal Kombat games. Tentatively titled Mortal Kombat 9, it gave gamers a nice serious take on the series, and combined with Tanchareon's webseries it was kind of like Mortal Kombat Madness!

The second season has a bit of a mix-up in casting, though. Sadly Matt Mullins is out as Johnny Cage (this guy could be the next Scott Adkins if he plays his cards right) and replacing him is Casper Van Dien...that's a real downgrade. On the upside, Mark Dacascos is playing Kung Lao, which is simply awesome and an absolute pitch-perfect casting choice. And Cary Tagawa from the original Paul W.S. Anderson Mortal Kombat film will reprise his role as Shang Tsung. Again...badass.

Tancharoen commented in the press release, saying...
"Fans are in for a real treat with the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy," ... "With added visual effects and storylines that dive deeper into our warriors as they make their way to the tournament, we’re taking this series to a whole new level. I'm really looking forward to showing fans the first clip during the Streamy Awards on February 17."

Streamy Awards? Well, I'll catch that first clip on YouTube when it's available.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Legacy S2, but the only downside is Casper Van Dien, a guy who has no credibility as a martial artists whatsoever. Such a huge, huge step backward from Matt Mullins. Anyway, you can look for Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2 on Machinima during the second quarter of 2013.