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While the new vignette for Rain explains some of his back-story and history it still fails to explain how he managed to get his purple garb and knee-busting bubble powers. But I guess those small details that make up for the entire originality of that character can be ignored. You can find out why Rain entered the tournament and what his true motives are with the new trailer vignette.

Arriving a week before the release of the new character, the vignette gives gamers a nice little history lesson on one of the lesser appreciated ninjas in the Mortal Kombat universe. I suppose his lessened appreciation is due to him not being as cool as Sub-Zero or as badass as Scorpion, but he’s appreciated nonetheless.

I also doubt Rain will be downloaded half as much as Kenshi, especially considering the fuss that was created over Kenshi’s slight delay that held him back by an entire day. Still, a lesser-known new character is better than no new character.

You can check out the new vignette for Rain below or head on over to the Official Website to see the other DLC for the game as well as other details on Mortal Kombat.