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Many gamers were probably already reserved about an MMO based on the popular movie franchise, The Mummy. I’m sure even more gamers became extra reserved when it was revealed that the game would be browser-based. Well, to ease on any reservations gamers may have had about the upcoming Mummy game, BigPoint announced that it will be running on Exit Game's Photon Engine.

Dr. Jan Wergin, CTO of Bigpoint commented in the press release, saying…
“Bigpoint is quickly becoming one of the leading publishers of licensed games, enjoyed by over 130 million users around the world. For this game, Photon’s technology will help us handle tens of thousands of concurrent users on only a small number of servers. This will not only save us lots of money, but it will also help us to ramp up a hit game with a robust network layer in a minimum amount of time, “

The game will supposedly run on the Photon Engine in collaboration with the developer’s own Unity Technology. Schnell Games licensed the Photon Engine to basically help with streamlining the process of making a high-end game within browser-based restrictions, while eliminating a lot of the hang-ups associated with big projects that have to work within small network structures. In other words, this game will probably not run as messed up as All Points Bulletin.

The game is due out soon at a browser near you. Gamers interested in the project can check out the teaser page for The Mummy MMO by visiting the Official Website.

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