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You can’t keep a good farmer down, it would seem, as Aksys Games announced the second bit of downloadable content for PlayStation Vita action game, Muramasa Rebirth, the somewhat enigmatically named “Genroku Legends: A Cause to Daikon For.” It’s heading to the PlayStation Network in the US on Feb. 25, and Europe the following day.

Coming from Aksys Games and Vanillaware, Muramasa Rebirth is the enhanced Vita version of the Wii cult hit action game sporting ninjas, fast combat, crazy abilities and an absolutely gorgeous art style reminiscent of classic Japanese paintings.

Released last year, Rebirth is now ready to receive its second heaping helping of DLC, this time taking the story in a completely new direction featuring a tale of a farmer on a quests to destroy the forces of evil. No sleek ninja garbs and katanas this time around. Our new villager hero lays waste to his enemies with sticks, hoes and even a helpful ghostly partner.

In Genroku Legend: A Cause to Daikon For (Get it?!), players take on the role of Gonbe, a poor farmer still mourning the loss of his beautiful wife. Gonbe becomes the leader of a peasant rebellion, bent on overthrowing their good-for-nothing lord and any monsters, demons or henchmen that might stand in their way.

“villagers are starving and heavy taxes crush the populace, so Gonbe decides to join a farmer’s rebellion against Governor Hatono,” reads a statement from Aksys. “After taking up with this motley crew, Gonbe receives a visit from his dead wife, asking him to join her in the afterlife instead. However, the honorable farmer chooses to fulfill his promise to the rebels and, with the help of his ghostly wife, sets out on a journey to stop the ruthless governor.”

That’s quite a bit of story for a bit of DLC and it’s certainly refreshing to see the gameplay receive some tweaks, trading out familiar attacks with deadly swords for those focused on farming equipment. And if Gonbe ever finds himself in too tough of a situation, he can even call on his fellow farmers to rush in and help save the day.

If you haven’t played Muramasa Rebirth yet, you might want to add that to your Vita to-do list, as it’s certainly one of those mostly overlooked gems that boasts all of the qualities gamers look for in a top-tier action game. And once you’re done with the story proper, maybe you’ll decide to join Gonbe on his new quest as Genroku Legend: A Cause to Daikon For releases via PSN on Feb. 25.

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