NHL 14 will overhaul the player collisions to make them more realistic. A new developer diary from EA Sports shows how physical contact has been changed since NHL 13.

The collision physics from NHL 14 is based on the Player Impact engine seen in FIFA games. The players' size, speed, momentum and body position are all taken into account with collisions. Two players who charge at each other head-on will hit each other differently than two players jockeying for position behind the goal.

EA says that there are over 250 different "player impact points" on the body of an in-game character. The force on each point is calculated when contact is made between two players. As a result, there's an wide variety of reactions to each hit. A player might be simply bumped off course or sent flailing to the ground by an opponent's check.

This is the first of three developer diaries planned for NHL 14. The other two will discuss one-touch dekes and the new Enforcer Engine. The latter is an overhauled brawling system for the game based on Fight Night boxing series.

NHL 14 will launch on September on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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