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Need For Speed: Next Game Teased By EA

Need for Speed

EA seems to be on the verge of announcing the next Need for Speed. They've released an image suggesting that it will be a new entry in the Hot Pursuit sub-series.

The image shows a black and chrome sports car. Unlikely as it may seem, it's a cop car. The word "Pursuit" is visible on the door.

"Have no rules, show no mercy," read the Facebook post accompanying the picture.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit games focus on high-speed car chases. Players can take on the role of either cops or street racers in career mode. The driving is meant to be accessible and arcade-like. If you're looking for a realistic simulator with tuning, you'd be better off playing Forza 5 or Gran Turismo 6.

It's been three years since Criterion Games releasedNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It might be about time for a sequel. Hot Pursuit 2 wouldn't be a big shock, considering the strong sales and reviews for its predecessor.

An official announcement of this game might take place at EA's E3 presser. Their press conference will be held on June 10th.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.