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Several new games have been added to the Xbox One's ever-growing library of backwards compatible games. The three new titles that are now playable on the Xbox One includes Soulcalibur II, Halo Wars and one of my all-time favorite games ever, King of Fighters '98.

Gamespot did a quick write-up on the three new games added to the list after Major Nelson updated the post on his official blog about them being available for the Xbox One as backwards compatible titles. They're available on Microsoft's newest console if you have a digital copy attached to your Xbox Live profile or if you purchased a disc and want to play from the DVD.

Alternatively, Microsoft opened up the new section on the Xbox Store that features Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles, so if you simply want to purchase them digitally for your profile from the marketplace, you can do so right now.

The three new games are definitely all niche oriented, targeting the real-time strategy fans with Halo Wars, and the fighting game fans with Soulcalibur II and King of Fighters '98.

It's interesting but two of those three games are actually carry-overs from older systems to the Xbox 360. Soulcalibur II was originally at the arcade and then made its way to the OG Xbox, GameCube and PS2. It was easily one of the most addictive games to play back in the day because of how much content Namco bundled into the core package. It was also pretty cool how each system got something a little special on release, with PS2 owners getting a chance to play as Heihachi in their version of the game, while GameCube owners got to play as Link from the Legend of Zelda in their version of the game, and OG Xbox owners got to trade fisticuffs as Todd McFarlane's Spawn.

If you're a Namco fan then Soulcalibur II is a nice hold-me-over until Tekken 7 arrives for home consoles in the West.

If you're more of an old-school FGC member and you want to throw down in what's considered amongst many hardcore fighting game enthusiasts as one of the very best 2D fighting games ever made, you most certainly enjoy King of Fighters '98. It features one of the most robust rosters from the long-running series, including both fan-favorites and some more lesser-known characters. I thought bringing back the boss team, Ryuji Yamazaki, Kyo's dad Saisyu Kusanagi and characters like Eiji made the game fantastic. A lot of characters in King of Fighters have been highly underutilized over the years, so it was nice to see SNK paying respects to these characters in one big battle royale.

King of Fighters '98 regularly gets re-released on new systems, so it's not surprising that the Xbox One would get the Xbox 360 version.

Last but not least is Halo Wars... also known as the game that led to Ensemble Studios closing up shop. The game didn't quite sell like the other Halo games in the series but it was still well-regarded enough by the community. The real-time strategy elements really put some players off but it was solid enough for an RTS on a console that relied on a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.

You can grab all three games from the Xbox marketplace, download them digitally from your profile, or install them if you still have your Xbox 360 discs.

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