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The 1ghz dual-core processor-powered gaming router from Netgear called the Nighthawk has arrived and it will only cost you a breezy $250, however for a limited time the gaming router is being made available at select retailers (or e-tailers) for only $199.99.

A lot of times you have to take the “made for gaming” moniker with a pinch of salt, because usually it's the same sort of thing with just a higher price tag and a fancy name (no offense to any of Nvidia's graphics cards named after muscle cars).

As for this new Nighthawk gaming router from Netgear, the R7000 AC1900 Smart WiFi Router combines the speed of a dual-core 1ghz process with a “SuperSpeed” USB 3.0 port and Netgear's patented Beamforming+ to boost speeds and productivity.

Sandeep Harpalani, Netgear director of product marketing for Core Networking commented about the new router, stating that...
“NETGEAR designed Nighthawk to be the best WiFi router in the world today, bar none. Our goal was to make the best router for data-intensive activities such as online gaming and video streaming,” ... “We’ve listened to the demands of high bandwidth users and packed Nighthawk with features to surpass their expectations for speed, range, sharing, reliability, ease of use and security — the must-haves for enabling an increasingly connected digital lifestyle. Simply put, Nighthawk is for anyone who wants the best.”

The design is aimed at catering to users who tackle multiple bandwidth-heavy activities at once, such as streaming movies and downloading games or playing online games while uploading a stream to Twitch or uStream.

The router also contains an advanced QoS to automatically prioritize between games, downloads and streams so your bandwidth isn't unevenly split between operations. This is similar to D-Link's DGL 5500 which also had a similar feature on the firmware side to improve network prioritization but, it didn't quite work out as well as it was advertized. Supposedly a firmware patch was inbound for the DGL 5500 to fix some of the issues reviewers and users ran into but the whole thing kind of faded away.

As for Netgear's Nighthawk, the open-source firmware infrastructure allows for a less walled approach to updates and opens up the router for a lot of mod support. In addition to this, the Nighthawk has built-in VPN support, ReadySHARE for easy backup access to a USB device and five gigabit ports for wireless and wired LAN support.

Given how many people are also using mobile devices and wireless tablets, the Nighthawk also has easy support for scanning QR codes to add quest mobile devices with ease.

Based on the features it seems as if Netgear's Nighthawk could prove to be a nice rival for D-Link's DGL 5500. Both routers are available right now and if you're interested in learning more you can do so by paying a visit to the official Netgear website.

Whether or not this router will kick off and find a home in abodes of gamers who will be doing a heck of a lot more streaming with Xbox One and PS4 right around the corner, Netgear could have a real winner on their hands if they don't run into the same problems as D-Link.

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