Trade shows like the upcoming E3 are usually a big deal for game developers, especially Miscrosoft, Sony and Nintendo. Each year, the “big three” typically put on massive press conferences during E3 to show off their latest hardware, games and technology. This year, however, Nintendo has announced that they will be ducking the pomp and circumstance of a big E3 showing, opting instead to focus on several smaller events held throughout the year.

The Nintendo 3DS didn't capture the same lightning in a bottle as its predecessor and, let's face it, the Wii U isn't exactly selling like gangbusters. As a result, the Big N is in a stickier financial situation than the company has been in for quite some time.

In that regard, it makes perfect sense that Nintendo would want to skip out on something as hugely expensive as a big E3 event. They'll still have their games available on the showroom floor and, as I said, they're planning several self-contained events for the future, so maybe forking over buckets of dough for a one-and-a-half-hour Nintendo stage parade wouldn't be the most sound financial investment.

Then again, sometimes you've got to spend money to make money. Calling off an E3 show, no matter the reason, is going to send bad vibes to a nice chunk of your would-be customers. No matter how much sense it makes, the move could be considered by a potential customer as Nintendo throwing in the towel. Never mind that the publisher's monthly Nintendo Directs provide huge updates and reveals on a regular basis. E3 is all about chest beating and, if you're not even there to drum up the band, it could have a large impact on the ole' wallet in the long run.

In lieu of a big E3 show, Nintendo announced during today's financial results meeting that they will instead offer a couple of smaller event “specifically focused on software titles for the U.S. market” including an event for distributors and a hands-on event for Western gaming media. No word yet on when either of those events will take place.

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