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The Xbox One has launched and Microsoft opted to replace the cancerous looking charge pack on the back of the Xbox controller with a more in-lined setup that runs off AA batteries. Yes, you'll need AA batteries to play with your Xbox One controller. Alternatively, you can buy third-party battery packs with a charge kit. Nyko's newest charge kit for the Xbox One aren't out just yet but you can pre-order them right now.

The Nyko charge station originally made its debut during this past year's E3 convention, where the peripheral company rolled out sparse details for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One accessories.

IGN originally rolled out some details on Nyko's peripherals planned for release for Sony's fourth generation console and Microsoft's third generation console, but they didn't include all of Nyko's peripherals.

One of the accessories kind of left on the bench warmer was the power kit that allows you to charge your controller while you play; the device also comes with a replaceable battery charging pack that you plug directly into the Xbox One's controller, replacing the panel and also fitting snugly into where the batteries would fit.

If you're curious why Nyko's battery charging kit is available for pre-order for the Xbox One and not the PS4, it's because the Xbox One controllers don't come with built-in battery packs, opposite of the Xbox 360 controllers. Instead, the Xbox One controllers run on AA batteries, and out of the box you get two Duracell batteries to help you out. The PS4 also comes with a charging kit right out of the box, as mentioned in our rundown of the total costs for both the Xbox One and PS4.

On the upside, however, the third-party charge kits for the Xbox One are a heck of a lot cheaper than the official charge kits for the system.

The official play and charge kit from Microsoft will run you a breezy $24.99. Now this includes the proprietary charging cable and the battery pack.

On the other end of the playing field, third-party accessory manufacturers are cutting in under Microsoft, with Kelux's charge kit, available right now on Amazon, for only $17.99. As usual, it comes with the charging cable and the battery pack that fits directly into the back of your controller. Dream Gear also has their own Xbox One charge kit for about $19.99, which is also available on Amazon. It's funny how the third party OEMs have cheaper accessories for Microsoft's console than Microsoft's own first-party accessories.

Now if you wait until after December 13th, you can get the Nyko play and charge kit for the Xbox One from GameStop for the same price as the official charge kit from Microsoft, for $24.99. If you're willing to wait until January 27th, the Nyko charge kit will be available at additional retailers and e-tailers alike for only $14.99, where it's currently priced for pre-order over on Amazon. The $10 difference might matter to some, but you would have to balance whether you could hold off on buying additional batteries for your controller if you decided to wait a month to have Nyko's kit arrive at your doorstep.

Regardless, the Nyko play and charge kit for the Xbox One is available for pre-order if you're looking for a convenient way to keep your controller charged.

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