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Remember that Jurassic Park meets Halo first-person shooter? Well, turns out it’s not just a pipe dream but it’s going to be a multiplatform reality. Spiral Game Studios has announced that they will attempt to bring the jetpack-using, gun-toting, mech-stomping, dinosaur-hunting FPS to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this year.

Using the Kickstarter donation program, the team hopes to raise enough money to receive additional funding to finish the game in a timely manner. They’ll also be presenting it at this year’s GDC.

Gamers/enthusiasts/industry vets alike can donate to the Orion: Prelude project and receive an instant invite into the upcoming multiplayer beta.

As stated in the press release…
ORION: Prelude pays homage to other classics that we grew up on that entertained us as gamers and inspired us as developers. You will see insipiration from classics such as:
-Unreal Tournament ('99)
-Quake 2 CTF -Starsiege: Tribes

We've taken those elements and put them into a blender and mixed in our own unique takes and twists in the design and mechanics department.

The game looks pretty fun to play and I hope they get enough donations to finish the project because unlike Activision and a few other big publishers out there this talented group of individuals is aiming to do something unique and original where both those words are lost in a vortex of bottom lines and billion dollar franchises.

You can donate to help kickstart the project over at the Official Orion: Prelude Kickstart Website or learn more about the developers and the game by visiting the Official Spiral Games Website.

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