Back in the 90’s when I had just been introduced to video games, the market was alive with horrifyingly unique titles like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve and Fatal Frame. The best part about this era was the fact that horror games like the aforementioned could be released within the same decade and still be different from one another. With gaming turning a corner in the new year of 2016, survival horror has made a drastic shift in defining what it means to be a horror title.

The year 2015 was a depressing time for survival horror with the exception of titles like Until Dawn and Fatal Frame V: Maiden Of Black Water. Even little gems like SOMA kept the dream alive. But overall, the survival horror genre has been suffering for awhile. A number of horror titles have been announced for 2016 and they may or may not breathe life into the genre again.

1. Outlast 2
I played through almost the entire first installment of the Outlast series and it wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. The narrative was weak and the gameplay consisted of the player running around an abandoned asylum—sometimes running into naked, deformed creatures with very detailed “packages”. Since the player was given nothing for defense, the tactic was just to run and hide and hope they didn’t find you. My playtime came to an end when I had finally made it outside the asylum walls, out into the rain and the darkness. I was so close to freedom, only to run out of batteries and lose light and a means of finding anything—and the hope of ever beating the game. I threw my computer mouse angrily and vowed to never play the game again. We don’t know much about the second installment other than it’s going to be a different place with different characters and probably the same irritating gameplay. Outlast 2 has a Fall 2016 release date.

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