Subscribe To Overwatch Drew In A Massive Amount Of People During Its Open Beta Updates
This past weekend marked Overwatch’s public open beta and literally millions of people participated. So much that the number of people surpassed those who participated in Star Wars Battlefront and The Division’s beta tests. 

More than 9.7 million people took part in the public beta on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Blizzard said. Game Informer reported that 9.5 million participated in the Star Wars Battlefront beta test and 6.4 million for The Division’s test. Destiny’s open beta couldn’t even come close to Overwatch’s numbers and their beta went on for nine days

Overwatch is a team-based shooter that has players pitted against another team in various game modes. Players can choose from 21 heroes all organized into different classes, each of which have different important roles in the game. For example, the medic will be helping to provide health to their team. 

I was lucky enough to take part in the Overwatch beta this past weekend and absolutely fell in love with what I saw. I didn’t run into many bugs and never had any server issues, although I did notice I had to wait until the evening hours for more players to get on, because it at times felt empty during the day. But that was nothing compared to some beta test horror stories I’ve heard. For the most part, everything went smoothly and people really seemed impressed with what they experienced. 

It’s no surprise that a game that brings me back to a game like the wildly successful Team Fortress 2 is already reporting high numbers and raving comments after its first public debut. Now that Blizzard has proved to the public they got it right this time, I’m sure we’ll all be waiting on pins and needles for the release at the end of the month. 

If you would like more information on Overwatch, you can check out the official website. Overwatch will be officially releasing on May 24 onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 

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