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New market research data conducted by Dealnews with nearly 1,000 participants has revealed some very interesting facts. For instance, PC gaming is still master of the game room and that more than 58% of hardcore gamers have yet to upgrade to the new-gen systems.

The infographic lets loose some very cool stats about the state of today's gaming marketplace, where we find that 39% of the survey participants still prefer PC as their primary gaming device. That actually makes a ton of sense because I'm part of that 39% – joined after all those great Steam deals and then I built up an undeniably valuable Steam library and realized I could play them at any time. It's like picking up a treasure box but not opening it until a later date and then realizing that you have a bunch of gold inside... or in this case, games actually worth owning and playing.

However, closely behind PC is the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The stats share so there's probably a discrepancy between Xbox One and Xbox 360, with more people probably (and most likely) favoring the Xbox 360 over the Xbox One, but it still shows a 26% share valuation just behind PC. This is followed by the PS3 and PS4 with 24% of the market value and Nintendo's consoles and mobile devices only capturing 11% of the pie.

Interestingly enough, as mentioned at the top of the article, more than half of all those participants on the console side are still rocking old-gen hardware, as 58% of gamers have not upgraded to the Xbox One, Wii U or PS4. It could have something to do with the price of entry being higher for the eighth-gen consoles, with Dealnews writing...
“We asked current-generation Xbox and PlayStation users how many games they've bought for their console, and a whopping 82% have purchased one to seven titles; based on the standard MSRP price of $60 a game, that's as much as $420. “

It's not hard to see why gamers would want to hold off on jumping into eighth-gen when prices are still high and software variety is still low... well, unless you count the Wii U's ever-expanding library, which now includes the top-selling Mario Kart 8.

Speaking of the Wii U, core gamers from the other brand are now less likely to pick on the little Wii U that could, seeing it and its fanbase as part of the core gaming family.... much more-so than the original Wii and its army of shovelware titles.

I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with the fact that Monolith Soft's 'X' looks better than anything coming to the Xbox One and PS4 right now, and that Mario Kart 8 is so much fun that I'm sure there are grown adults out there who think that the multiplayer is more fun than trying to make babies.

That's not to mention that the Wii U is picking itself up in sales and making a comeback like Heather Dorniden in the U.S. 600 meter race. It's hard to keep a good console down when it's still selling more than the Xbox One and has more worthwhile games to play.

Moreover, the eighth-gen console crowd is proving that they are really all-in on adopting digital distribution. More than 83% of participants acknowledged that they download their games through their console, a 7% increase over last year's stats.

Even though 79% of gamers aren't interested in an Xbox One, I'm curious if that stat will change following E3? I mean, who knew that the Glorious PC Master Race was actually the odds on favorite after all?

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