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For those who have managed to avoid PlayStation Plus for the past couple of years, now might be a good time to pull the trigger as Sony offers an additional three months of service tacked onto a year’s subscription to the program offering downloadable games, DLC, exclusive betas, demos and more.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog, this new promotion is identical to the one hosted by Sony when Plus was having some trouble getting traction back in 2011. Now that Plus offers an “Instant Game Collection” featuring the likes of inFamous 2 and Super Street Fighter IV for the PlayStation 3, as well as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush for the PlayStation Vita, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would continue to pass on all of this gaming goodness delivered as a rotating selection of titles, deals and additional content on a weekly basis.

According to the linked blog post, a $50 subscription to Plus last year netted users $2,472 in savings across free games, DLC and various promotions, like the current 75 percent off all “13 for ’13” titles. If you’re already a Plus subscriber, you can still stack a new year onto your subscription to earn the additional three months. Also, if you happen to pick up one of the new PS3 bundles with a free year’s subscription to Plus, activating said subscription while the promotion is active will net you those extra three months, too.

The promotion runs between now and March 4, so that gives you a little over a month to make up your mind. But when you’re talking about your 50 dollars versus nearly $2,500 in content, I’m not sure why it would take you that long to come to a decision.