New PS3 Firmware Lets You Watch Your Moviefilms Everywhere!

Your PS3 (or at least, that one you’ve been saving up to buy three years from now, when that long awaited “library of games” finally becomes available) is about to get a whole lot cooler…provided you’re also rich, crazy, lucky enough to own a PSP. SCEE announced the release of another firmware update (v2.00) for the PS3 that will allow greater interactivity with the PSP. What kind of interactivity? Remote control. Users will be able to power on and off their PS3 consoles remotely via their PSPs allowing both consoles to finally interact with each other in perfect wireless harmony, as nature intended.

Big deal, it’s a remote right? Nah, the cool thing is that you’ll be able to power on/off your PS3 from anywhere in the world. Other than being totally awesome for spooking whoever else happens to be in the same room as your PS3, HAL style, it’s primarily going to be used to sync up your music, pics and moviefilms. Wifi access means you’ll be able to watch whatever’s on your PS3 via your PSP, which is pretty sweet. That being said, how many people are storing their non-game related media on their PS3s anyway? Guess now’s as good a time as any to start…though with Sony phasing out the 60GB model in favor of the 40GB one, you’d think this kinda goes against their recent business model.

Of course, the bigger problem is that there continues to be more development for the PS3 on the hardware front as opposed to the software one! Both the PS3 and the PSP have some cool features via firmware updates, but neither have any serious, unique, must-have software titles. It’s hard enough to justify the purchase of ONE software-starved console, let alone TWO of them, all for a nifty firmware upgrade. Someone needs to alert Sony that the PS3 is a gaming console, not just a hard drive with a fancy user interface.

The PS3 2.0 firmware is scheduled to roll out tomorrow.