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No that you're all hopped up on romance and love thanks to yesterday's big Valentine's explosion, it's time to get back to your first true love: Video games. To make that process a heck of a lot easier, Sony has now announced a surprise flash sale (that's a little redundant) discounting 20 titles for the PS3, Vita and PS4.

Had your fill of chocolates? Tired of staring at that vase of flowers? Perhaps you're single and ready to move past yesterday's secret hatefest for all of the happy couples in this world. Whatever your Valentine's Day in meat space was like, Sony is here to woo you back to your consoles of choice, offering up a Valentine Deals Flash Sale featuring plenty of games you should have little trouble falling in love with.

The announcement went live last night, as Sony Network Entertainment's Digital Distribution Manager Chieh Chen dished out details on discounts of up to 75 percent off select titles. These deals are good through Monday, Feb. 17, though no official end time has been stated. In other words, if you see something here that catches your interest, you might want to act within the next 24 or so hours just to be on the safe side. Otherwise, it's entirely possible you could be passing up a chance to find true happiness with your gaming soul mate, like Cloudberry Kingdom or Castle Crashers at a pretty sweet discount.

Okay, enough of the gushy stuff, time to take a look at what games you can score on the cheap this holiday weekend. First up are those two titles I just mentioned above, Castle Crashers and Cloudberry Kingdom, which can be downloaded to your PS3 for $3.49 and $2.49 respectively. The cross-buy PS3 and Vita versions of two-button fighting game Divekick are also $2.49 with team-based battle game Fat Princess set at $3.49.

House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut, ibb & obb and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days can be added to your PS3 collection for $4.99 a pop with the originalKane & Lynch: Dead Men available for just $3.99.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes can be yours for the Vita, PS3 and PS4 for their respective prices of $19.99, $24.99 and $29.99. You could also pick up NBA 2K14 on the PS3 for $39.99 and the Gold Jewelry Collection for that game at $2.49. The Platinum Jewelry Collection is $4.99.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is available on the PS3 for $9.99, as is Toy Story Mania. Finally, PS3 downloadable titles, Renegade Ops and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World can be had for just $2.49.

So, there you have it. Curl up with that special someone (or all alone in your cold, empty apartment) and get to gaming through the Valentine's Day weekend.

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