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Payday 2 Video Features Meth Cooking That Breaks Bad... Real Bad

A new gameplay walkthrough of Payday 2 has gone live featuring some of the most frattiest frat boy gamers you could find. In fact, they make the potty mouthed Call of Duty 12-year-olds sound like Maya freaking Angelou. But their silly commentary antics don't compare to their awful meth-cooking antics.

Whether you love or hate the commentary from CriousGamers you have to admit that the entire thing is as entertaining as it comes. The trio of fratties do all that they can to to try to... well... I don't really know what they were trying to do, but they were successful at it nonetheless.

The entire thing starts off pretty awful, with the leader of the group mistakenly (or purposefully?) shooting a bystander outside the meth lab that triggers the whole event. I imagine the main goal was to subdue anyone outside and stealthily get inside to cook up the meth.

While the above description seems like that would have been the way to go, instead the group in the video proceed to spend more time looking over a painting in which a debate breaks out as to whether or not Jesus is hanging out on a stripper pole or not. It's some real classy stuff.

The trio proceed upstairs after a police helicopter eventually arrives on the scene after the initial gunfight took place between the thieves and the meth makers. One of the trio decides to shoot at the police helicopter and from there everything “goes south”, in typical Payday 2 fashion. The fratties then frantically try to recover the situation by baking some meth and even that doesn't go over too well, as some Breaking Bad takes place and the whole lab goes up in flames when they screw up the recipe.

Amazingly, the trio of fratties manage to get out of the lab in one piece and to the escape van. However, the three screw-ups funked up so badly that the police managed to shoot them off the road. So what happens? They end up crashed into a tree with the meth going up in flames. The three Stooges then try to wait for a pick up but they don't bring any of the goods with them and they don't get any extra bonus for it. Real swell, guys.

The video above is basically a “How not to cook meth and completely screw yourself over” guide for anyone who plans to tackle that particular stage in Payday 2.

So far, Overkill Software's new first-person heist-shooter is shaping up to be the definitive heist game of the generation. I can see myself sinking unhealthy amounts of time into this one.

With the recently confirmed release date, you can look for Payday 2 to launch on PC next week on August 13th followed by the Xbox 360 and PS3 release sometime next week as well. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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