Photorealistic Screenshots Of Project CARS Emerge

The most visually stunning racing game set for release later this year just got more realistic...well, as realistic as a racing game simulator can get within the realm of what we consider real. Anyway, the new screenshots for Project CARS are gorgeous and they are pretty much the definition of photorealism.

The game is being designed thanks to crowd-funding and community support. Slightly Mad Studios, the makers of EA's Need for Speed: Shift series are behind Project CARS and they're working with the gaming community to output one of the most highly anticipated indie titles ever designed.

The new screenshots for Project CARS, as seen on DSO Gaming, are completely unaltered and taken from within the game from members of the community. In other words, these aren't retouched press photos that are issued like every single major AAA release. These screenshots showcase exactly how the game will look when you boot it up on your PC.

As for console gamers, we can assume the game will look as good as other multiplatform racing titles, but take note that the 360 and PS3 are aged and won't be able to utilize the DirectX 11 features or high-end shader effects you see in the screenshots below. The verdict is still out on whether the Wii U version will be comparable to the PC version or not.

Still, if you like what you see and fancy a test drive, feel free to pay a visit to the Official WMD Website to find out more about Project CARS.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.