I'm not an RTS fan but Planetary Annihilation may be that kick to the gonads that converts me over to strategy games the way Michael Jackson's "Jesus juice" converted Macaulay Culkin into a washed-up, androgynous drug addict. And if you want to experience that same kind of conversion, well you won't have to wait too long because Planetary Annihilation has been kickstarted.

The game had a goal of $900,000. And it's a little tough for a lot of Kickstarter projects to hit that goal because most gamers are poor, cash-strapped, cave-dwelling introverts with party addictions and obsessive compulsive disorders, and it takes a lot of money to maintain that kind of highly envied lifestyle. Luckily, Uber Entertainment, makers of Monday Night Combat, managed to get their non-FPS strategy game funded with 15 days to spare.

Planetary Annihilation looks sexy beyond words...no scratch that, it looks destructive beyond words and that's why the Kickstarter video showcases just how destructive this galactic warfare RTS really is. Check it out below if you haven't seen it already.

I'm excited for this game because planetary RTS warfare titles just don't exist. It's always the same thing over and over and over again when it comes to RTS titles, and what's worse is that lead designer Jon Mavor (not to be confused with the socially awkward John Mayor) makes a good point that a lot of RTS games seem to be getting smaller, not bigger. It's turned into “Command this small but elite squad of soldiers!” No, no, no! I agree with Mavor, we need to command planets and watch them burn! Burn I say!

One of the main reasons I'm not a fan of RTS games is because they're mostly all the same and very restrictive. The free-to-play RTS games are some of the worst because it feels like you can just never get strong enough. The idea that Uber is going old-school in style and scale but with new-school concepts, is a perfect marriage of what the evolution of gaming should be about: great fun utilized by the latest technology.

I didn't think I would be excited for an RTS game getting funded, but I am, and maybe you should be, too. Then again, maybe not. You might have a real disorder if you want to see planets crash into each other while mega robot armies blast each other to smithereens while a rocket the size of an asteroid smashes into their base. Oh, who am I kidding? We all want to see that!!!

Feel free to learn more about Planetary Annihilation by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page. I feel kind of bad for not having learned about this game sooner, but I'm just glad it's been funded.

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