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We don't hear much about Planetside 2 outside of some news surrounding its inevitable launch on the PlayStation 4. However, the game is still making some massive gains in the performance and content department over on PC. The free-to-play title has evolved quite a bit since its launch and the latest patch notes happen to be quite lengthy.

Over on the SOE Planetside 2 forums the patch notes are made available for everyone to see. Some of the new features includes brand new ribbons for carrying out various tasks on the battlefield... 14 new ribbons to be exact.

New faction pistols will be added to the game, but that hasn't been detailed just yet. One of the more complained about features, the spawning, has been overhauled. How have they overhauled it? Well removing load times when spawning at facilities within 300km of your death should help. You can also bypass quick-spawns with the press of a button, and respawning at your quick-spawn location will be five seconds quicker than spawning at the normal location.

Tons of new features have been added to the Outfit and recruitment process, including notifications for people who have been rejected from an Outfit while offline, as well as tweaks to how players within an Outfit gain XP from working as a team.

Continents have also received quite a bit of loving, including some fixes for adversarial alerts and alert triggers, making them more streamlined to the gameplay experience.

XP handed out during alerts have also been modified to better support team play and rewards for those who participate.

Vehicle weapons have taken a nerfing, as some of the weapons will no longer work as well against infantry as they do against other vehicles. The tank, the bulldog and rocket launchers are no longer as effective against infantry as they are against other vehicles.

Tank anti-personnel weapons are also receiving some tweaks, and they'll continue to be tweaked until the weapons are brought in “closer together”. The repair tool's range has been improved along with its functionality, making it a lot more efficient for what it's supposed to do.

Vehicle cruise control has been added, which is probably essential for those talking or making plans while flying or manning transport vehicles, and tons of bugs are being squashed in the latest patch, too.

The game is still free-to-play so there's no harm in jumping into the action to see what it's like. If you don't have a PC that can play the game, you can always opt to playing the waiting game as it preps for release on the PlayStation 4.

The latest patch for the game is scheduled to go live this Tuesday on August 5th, so if you already have it but you're waiting for a few key features to get put into place, or if you don't have the game but you're still waiting for a few key patches and features to be put into place, you won't have to wait long because the patch will drop very soon.

If you want to check out the entire list of features being added, removed, fixed, tweaked, tuned and altered in Planetside 2, be sure to head on over to the official PS2 forum board.
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