Every time there's a new Project CARS released into the wild it's like some kind of epic event. It feels like we're being treated to some rare, monumental entertainment extravaganza. The latest trailer to come from out of the creative bowels of the WMD community is called “From The Sky” and it was put together in collaboration from YouTube user Expression of Nothing and indie composer Tom Evans (check out his Soundcloud page here), whose music matches the on-screen action in various highlights of impeccable frisson.

The video – like many others available across the great expanse of YouTube – is available in 2K resolution, or 2560 x 1440p. And just so you know, it's a resolution that's far outside the resolution budget of the Xbox One... it's like going from Harlem to the Hamptons, by comparison.

The video above is moderately paced and gives gamers a lot of different forms of racing action across a variety of different vehicle classes that aren't always showcased in the videos of Project CARS. For instance, we get to see the four-door, box-style 1991 touring BMWs in action and crashing like there's no tomorrow. It looks good, even though it's not real-life accurate when it comes to the physical deformation (mostly due to licensing reasons).

There's also a strong focus on racers desperately trying to hang on to the road as they hug the curves at speeds not suited for most living organisms. You get to see plenty of effects in action as the physical weight of the cars take them around dangerously tight turns and hairpin corners with less-than-pleasing results. It's a nice highlight because we finally get to see how various cars handle over these road surfaces and under different speed and turning conditions. It looks good.

Even more than that, we also get to see the game handling drifting. Finally. Briefly, we saw it in other trailers, but as mentioned... it was brief. We finally start seeing the cars going through full drift rotations on the turns and it gives us an idea of how well the game handles this particular element of the vehicular physics. While Slightly Mad Studios shows a great range of technical engineering capabilities with Project CARS, I do have to admit that Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed left a lot to be desired on certain handling fronts... especially the drifting.

In this case, we get to see that the sliding and the traction (or lack there of) seems to be about right for some proper drifting. My only concern is how well the weight shifting and distribution will play out in the final version, and whether or not it will feel proper. So long as the game keeps evolving as it's been showcased in the community trailers, I have no doubts in my mind that gamers will be treated to a real racing simulator later this year for home consoles and PC.

Project CARS is due for release on the Wii U, the PS4, the Xbox One and PC (even though technically, you can buy into the alpha build of the game for PC). I'm sure a lot of Xbox One owners are frightfully terrified about the game being relegated to 720p just like the Wii U version. I guess we'll find out as soon as some actual footage of those builds become available.
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