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Game creation platform Project Spark is free-to-play now but soon it won't even have optional cash payments.

Starting on October 5th, all current premium DLC for the game will be unlocked for new and existing players. Microsoft, meanwhile, will "pivot from" producing DLC and adding new features. Instead, the future of the game is going to rest solely in the hands of the players:
Project Spark’s goal has always been to empower creativity. We’ve been an incubation engine for ideas from epic to artistic and we plan to continue doing so. Project Spark inspires and empowers over 200,000 creators who have shared tens of millions of custom objects, behaviors and experiences. Every day we see anywhere between 300 and 400 new games being uploaded on our platform. Our support of these creators and our communications with them will continue in an open, free and collaborative environment.

If you purchased Project Spark DLC or a retail copy of the game by July 28, you'll get an equivalent amount of Microsoft Store credit. Any in-game tokens will likewise be converted to credit. This compensation should be sent out within 30-60 days of October 5.

Microsoft released 46 DLC packs and over 2,000 assets for Project Spark since its launch. The last three packs were announced today. "Noxious Bog" adds a new swamp biome along with related creatures and props. "Complex Primitives" is a collection of 38 shapes that will help players design new buildings. The third and final pack, "Dragon’s Ascension," introduces a fire-breathing dragon that can be customized by players.

This new content arrives alongside Title Update 16, arriving on October 5. This patch also opens up the game considerably so players can create more elaborate games. Here's the full list of major features in the patch:
  • The maximum terrain limit in creations has been doubled (on top of Massive World Builder)
  • The maximum prop limit in creations has been increased by 500 (on top of Massive World Builder)
  • 200+ new assets will be added in game, including a dragon, goblin warlord, bog biome and a set of new primitive building blocks
  • Each creator will now have a total of 100 Upload Slots for their creations
  • UGC ranking will be based on downloads and favorites, instead of upvote/downvote ratings
  • The Project Spark Marketplace has been removed
  • The Project Spark Tour and Treasure Trove have been removed
  • Achievements have been revamped for players and creators
Project Spark is available for Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Microsoft said in the past that they're considering an Xbox 360 version as well but its status is unknown.

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