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id Software released a demo for RAGE through Xbox Live today. The demo, which will arrive on PSN soon as well, gives you a sample of the post-apocalyptic shooter's single-player campaign.

"The demo presents a slice of the early game, giving players a chance to explore the town of Wellspring and participate in races, games and other attractions," says publisher Bethesda. "When you’ve had your fill there, you can head out to deal with some Ghost Clan raiders. Shooting might be involved."

The PS3 version of the demo will arrive on December 6th. There's no mention of a PC demo so you'll have to make do without one.

RAGE depicts a near-future in which civilization has been all but wiped out by an asteroid. The small number of remaining settlements are continually attacked by mutants and bandits. The campaign is supplemented by two-player co-op missions and a combat racing multiplayer mode. Find out more in our review.