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CD Projekt RED released a new video for the REDKit, showcasing gamers can use a little time, creativity and helpful tools to create custom missions for The Witcher 2. The walkthrough video is sped up and reveals how only 23 minutes can be spent to make an entirely playable quest.

CD Projekt RED took time out to design the REDKit as a way to give back to the community and the community can use the toolset to give back even more to the community: custom missions, custom weapons, custom quests, custom characters, custom clothes. The works.

If CD Projekt keeps it up they could easily catch up to or surpass Valve (although it's unlikely Gaben fanboys would ever let that happen). I'm excited for this turn of events because I keep thinking about industry altering games that spawned from mods, from DotA to Counter-Strike and soon the standalone release of DayZ. It'll be a fascinating time for RPG fans and modders alike as creations pour out of the REDKit. You can check out the brief overview video below courtesy of Gametrailers.

Man, they really made sure it's easy to use.

I imagine ModDB will be flooded with mods soon enough and given that there's already plenty of nudity in The Witcher 2, modders can actually focus on non-porn related modifications...HA! Who am I kidding, there will be more nudity mods for this game than if a free Dead Or Alive model conversion tool was made available for Skyrim.

For more information on the REDKit be sure to pay visit to the Official Website