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Ubisoft is extending the closed beta test of Rainbow Six: Siege all the way through the weekend, ending it on October 4th. The beta was supposed to end during the middle of the week, but instead Ubisoft decided to extend it and send out a few more closed beta codes to get more stress testing in ahead of the game's release this December.

Game Informer picked up the news from over on the official Ubisoft website, where they announced that Rainbow Six: Siege's beta would be extended by a few more days.

The website also made it known that they were sending out a few more keys to get more players participating in the beta. The closed beta registration has been closed and beta codes can only be redeemed up until October 2nd, from then on the codes will not be available for redemption.

Ubisoft has been also taking note and making modifications to the game's matchmaking and server stability. All throughout the closed beta the game suffered from some serious connectivity issues, including lots of disconnections and games that would result in being kicked during the absolute worst times.

According to Ubisoft they increased the game's performance so that there is a 96% success rate with finding a match in Terrorist Hunt, as well as cutting down the wait time during PvP matches between 30 and 40 seconds in Rainbow Six: Siege.

I did manage to get some time in with the game but only a few rounds of Terrorist Hunt. Even then the matches didn't last long because of all the disconnections or getting dropped from the game.

Ubisoft also mentions that they will host a special XP bonus during Friday...
There will be a Double Renown event starting Friday, 8:00PM EST with a 2x renown bonus. This is a great chance to unlock some more operators, attachments and skins

The way the game is setup, during the closed beta players have to win matches, earn Renown and unlock new equipment and characters. Different Rainbow organizations have different weapons and loadouts, and you can only select various weapons based on the regional group you pick. So if you go with the FBI you're not going to have access to the French FAMAS. Or if you go with the GIGN you're not going to have access to the M4 Olympia. That's just kind of the rules of the game.

If you prefer having your own weapon loadout that fits your specific play-style, tough luck. Although, to be fair, the gameplay in Rainbow Six: Siege isn't that bad. More specifically, the mechanics are very sound. The shooting, reloading, the physics and destruction are all top notch. However, the biggest drawback is the stages on display during the closed beta test were very tiny, so CQC weapons like shotguns and larger pistols were key. In fact, you could take a shotgun and just shoot through the walls and down guys without ever having to see them.

It's quite a shame because despite the solid gunplay and gameplay mechanics, Rainbow Six: Siege is practically just another team deathmatch shooter. Without a solid single-player campaign it's hard to see how this title will have a long and fruitful lifespan. Nevertheless, if you want to get in on the competitive action and you already have a code, feel free to do so up until October 4th. Otherwise you'll have to wait until December 1st to purchase Rainbow Six: Siege for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

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