On the American side of the Rainbow team there's the FBI SWAT team. The four team unit is highlighted in the latest trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege, the upcoming competitive multiplayer shooter that Ubisoft is rebooting for today's generation of consoles and PCs.

The four members are outlined in the video. Each member has their own equipment loadout and special ability. “Ash”, Eliza Cohen, carries a custom M120 rifle, which looks awfully similar to the G36 assault rifle. It can blast through walls, floors and windows, so it's possible to spray and pray and actually hit something while you're at it. Ash also has a portable grenade launcher to blow holes through walls or clear out an area.

“Pulse”, Jack Estrada carries a heartbeat sensor. It's one of the most controversial items in the game because many players feel it's a cheat device since it can see through walls and can spot out enemies and allies alike. This device was in the first Rainbow Six but it wasn't always reliable or easy to use. Also the maps were so large that the only thing it was useful for was having an idea of how to approach the target area as opposed to knowing exactly where to kill the enemies. Nevertheless, Estrada also has a shotgun that can easily down enemies in close-range combat situations.

“Castle”, Miles Campbell has a UMP .45 and a portable door cover that can be used as a shield of sorts. It works as a barricade to prevent enemies from getting into an area. I do wonder exactly how well this would work on the Rainbow side since most of the time they're the ones who will have to do the breaching. I suppose in some maps or game modes where it's about disarming bombs or securing an area to stage an assault against the foes then the portable cover might come in handy.

“Thermite”, Jordan Trace comes equipped with a thermite explosive kit. In the old Rainbow Six games these weren't relegated to specific people but obviously someone with demolition as an expertise would be better equipped to handle the explosives since they could plant them and disarm them quicker than other members on the Rainbow team.

It's interesting because the more promotional material Ubisoft posts of Rainbow Six: Siege the more the comments reflect people who are becoming a little less interested in the game.

The reasons for becoming less interested in Rainbow Six: Siege? Well, there's the issue of them stating that the game plays out really fast paced like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Call of Duty as opposed to the heart-wrenching pace of the older games where tension and tactical precision were the order of the day. It is true that some of the average matches in the old Rainbow Six could take up to half an hour to complete due to the size of the maps and the cautious tactics applied to the way both teams approached each other. That's not to mention that attempting to escort multiple hostages out without anyone dying was a real challenge.

I haven't seen enough of Rainbow Six: Siege to say one way or another how exactly the game will turn out until I see more of it in action. We'll definitely get to see it in action at this year's E3. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.
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