Randy Pitchford Says He'll Lose A Huge Amount Of Money From Aliens: Colonial Marines

“We have to pay for our education” is what Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford stated in a tweet, trying to run damage control for Aliens: Colonial Marines' terrible reception among gamers and critics. Pitchford also mentions that this whole fiasco will cost him a lot of money.

BeefJack went scouring about the social interwebs to find out what was going on with Mr. Pitchford. Everyone has been keeping a close eye on the Gearbox president because Gearbox, Sega, Nerve, Demiurge and TimeGate are all at the center of a huge controversy revolving around false advertisement and misleading promotional material.

According to BeefJack, the tweets by Pitchford indicate that he doesn't want to surround himself in negativity and is blocking any and all Twitter users making inflammatory, accusatory or defaming remarks. Instead, Pitchford only wants to be surrounded by positivity, stating...

As a glass-half-full kind of guy, so I only want positive feelings with my personal twitter. Thanks for understanding!You're welcome to say whatever you want, of course. Know that I will tend to block users who I believe are not offering value, but injury.

Some users wrote suggesting that Gearbox doesn't care because they've already been paid. Pitchford, however, wanted to offer some sense of humility and potential reproach that's in store for himself and the studio, saying...

I'm afraid it looks like I will lose a huge amount of money. We pay for our education...

There's really no telling if this refers to the impending claims of a lawsuit from Sega or if he's simply referring to having lost the trust of gamers and their next project may not do as well in result of the backlash from A:CM? Regardless, the outcome of Aliens: Colonial Marines' release has been a taint on all parties involved.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.