In an effort to become your homes end all, be all source for entertainment, Microsoft has announced an exclusive deal to bring the Redbox Instant app to Xbox 360 gaming consoles later this year.

Announced through Major Nelson's blog, the actual wording for the announcement is that this is a “gaming console exclusive.” We're assuming that means that PC and an appearance on smart TVs isn't exactly out of the question for the Redbox app. As a reminder, the similar Netflix Instant app was also an Xbox 360 exclusive app when it first launched, and now I can get the thing on pretty much every piece of hardware I own, including the toaster.

According to the blog post, the Redbox app is set to hit the 360 in the “very near future,” so we shouldn't have much longer to wait to find out how Redbox's offerings compare to the wide array of other streaming apps available on our home consoles. The app will undergo a beta process before launching to the masses, which you can sign up for at the Redbox website.

Now, let's talk numbers. A monthly subscription to Redbox Instant, provided by Veriozon, will set you back $8 for DVD or $9 for Blu-ray. Along with the instant access to movies and TV shows through the app, your subscription will also net you four tokens to use at a Redbox kiosk, meaning you still have access to the newest movies that may not be on the app just yet.

If you're not into subscriptions, you'll still be able to rent digital releases a la carte through the app. But, as a reminder, you still need to be an Xbox Gold member to use the app, whether you're a subscriber or not.

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