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Remember Me Reviews Note Snazzy Aesthetics With A Lack Of Interactivity

A lot of gamers were on the fence about Dontnod's Remember Me, a futuristic sci-fi thriller where players assume the role of Nilin, the memory hunter. Despite a very fascinating premise and a sexy setting in a neo-noir Paris, many reviewers all had the same complaints about the game: There just wasn't enough interactivity.

IGN's review above is sadly the most coherent, streamlined, to-the-point and well-spoken regarding the pros and cons about the game; all neatly wrapped up in a 4:44 video, in which they give the game a 5.9 out of 10 for having a lot of ambition and a great game world, but not really following through with any of it, especially the lackluster but competent fighting system.

Cram Gaming also rolled out a video review, and unless they were taking notes from IGN, they pretty much said the same thing: cool looking graphics, nice aesthetics, awesome Parisian settings, lame lack of interactivity. They hammered more on the scripted events for the game though, saying whoever designed them “should be shot, seriously”.

International Business Times was pretty harsh, citing dreadful writing and pacing, as well as a linear and mostly unreplayable story mode. Like the rest above, IB Times passes some unremarkable praise to the game's fighting mechanics and custom combo feature, but notes it's not enough to save the game on this merit alone.

Eurogamer Portugal is a little bit more upbeat about the game, and spends a nice bit of time on the real highlight of the game besides the great aesthetic is the memory hunting. Although, perhaps the optimistic outlook is in due part to the translation?

All of the websites note that the game's real meat and potatoes, bread and butter, Justin Bieber mojo resides in the game's memory hunting plot and the few segments throughout the eight-or-so hour affair where you're actually engaging with memories and rearranging someone's life through their thoughts. The game is noted for shining in this particular avenue, but this “shine” is too dimly lit in the room of darkness that happens to be the rest of the game.

The verdict from most reviewers is that despite the 7/10 score, it's more of a rent than a buy type of game. In a strange twist, IGN's score seems to be best reflect the real-world quality of the game at the $60 price point. However, not every game is going to appeal or rub gamers in the same way and if you really want to sink your teeth into Dontnod's Remember Me, despite review scores, you might want to rent the game first.

Remember Me is due out this week for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. It's rated 'M' for Mature and carries a $60 retail price tag.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.