Resident Evil 6 may have already released and sputtered into mediocrity on home consoles after getting off to a good sales start, but it hasn't yet released for PC and Capcom is back on the promotion train to alert and inform PC gamers about what makes the PC version worthy of investment.

The two trailers focus on the game's Mercenary Mode and the Story Mode. We get to see Leon S. Kennedy taking on a screen-ton of zombies and lobster monsters in the first trailer, which you can view below.

The second trailer is a bit more diverse, showcasing various levels and enemy encounters scattered across the game's massive triple-hero campaign that sports Leon, Chris and Albert Wesker's son, Jake Wesker. You can grab a glimpse of that video below.

This game will probably be better with mods. It's like tartar sauce on lobster. Mmmm.

Anyway, this game did a lot of things right: dodging, move while shooting, improved hit mechanics, better melee combat, more weapons, and decent co-op play. However, the game also did a lot of things wrong, like adding in tons of Hollywood blockbuster set pieces, lots of Call of Duty-style shootouts and plenty of non-scary, non-horror, casual-themed gameplay pacing that really detracted from the series' overall appeal.

On the upside, Capcom says they're going back to their horror roots for Resident Evil 7, but if you can't wait that long you can look to pick up a digital copy of Resident Evil 6 for PC on March 22nd, next month, complete with all the amenities PC gamers have come to love from Capcom games.

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