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Major reviews are in for Resident Evil 6 and they aren't looking too good. While the pre-release review scores for the game were fairly high (mostly to appease the publisher like some sort of sacrificial offering) the reviews released today are anything but glowing, save for a few here and there.

Destructoid hammered home a near-scathing review of Resident Evil 6 with a vicious 3 out of 10, pinpointing just about all the flaws every hardcore fan pointed out as potentially being a problem well before the game released. Either these fans are precognitive or the bull crap was made a little too obvious.

Joystiq must have played what Destructoid did because they also said many of the same things, however they were a lot more forgiving to all the Michael Bayism, the cheesy dialogue, the focus on action sequencing and QTEs, settling for a 2.5 out of 5.

GameSpot's review of Resident Evil 6 was almost an ideological carbon copy of Destructoid's review, though they were slightly more generous, offering up a 4.5 out of 10 to the review gods. A score, I might add, that would have otherwise resulted in some firings had this been a few years ago. Much like the previous two sites, GameSpot laments the over abundance of quick-time events, loud action set pieces and more Michael Bayism.

G4's review scores match up with the others but the review itself isn't fleshed out very well. Fortunately the gist of it is about the same as what everyone else has already complained about: Too much quick-time! Someone at Capcom got real happy with QTEs and probably felt that this was the future of horror-survival...watching cinematic sequencing that doesn't involve much player input other than rapidly tapping or twirling the joypad when prompted to do so, lest they fall to the fate of repeating said sequence over and over again until getting it right. It's almost like a clog-dancing class, where it looks a little funny and kind of cool at first but after messing up a few times too many you just want those stupid shoes to go burn in a landfill.

Other scores from places like IGN, Edge and Eurogamer are far more generous, middling the game out at a 6/10 which in video game review-score-world equates to a terrible, horrible experience relegated to prisoners who committed capital offenses. Game Informer is the only one who seems to have gone the positive route with an 8.75 out of 10. Again, in the crazy world of video game scores, that's actually slightly above average.

For most gamers the scores represent the very thing many of them had been saying all along: This is an action game disguised as Resident Evil. If you're down with that and want a decent co-op title with lots of QTEs, cringe-worthy dialogue, overtly designed action set pieces and enough Michael Bay explosions to make Optimus Prime's mouth gape like a shiny metal blow-up toy, then Resident Evil 6 seems to fulfill that promise...based on the reviews, of course.

You can check out Gaming Blend's own review to see how the game stacks up.

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