A UK based newspaper in Norfolk, England is reporting that three men are being labeled as the “Resident Evil killers” after they brutally tortured, mutilated and murdered another man back on May 24th. Quite naturally, only a video game could prompt for such a grizzly act of violence, right?

According to MMO Game Central, the trio of men, Ricky Roys, 20, Andrew Brown, 42, and Helen Cooke, 19, pleaded guilty to torture and murder of another man, Derek Blake, a 44 year-old who was found dead in his bath tub at his flat in Great Yarmouth back on May 24th.

According to judge Jacobs Peter...
“This was a murder involving sadistic conduct. This went far beyond a punishment beating and the infliction of this many injuries confirms you intended to kill him.

The victim, Blake, was found with the letter 'J' carved into his face. There were also burn marks all over his body, spots where boiling water was poured over him, and cuts and wounds that appeared to be inflicted by the three men.

Prosecutor Graham Parker followed up on the description of what happened to Blake, saying...
“A claw hammer, a boning knife and another knife were found in the flat and these had been used in the attack. Mr Blake may have survived for some hours after the attack. He would have been conscious for much of that and would have been in extreme pain. Acts of torture took place – sadistic acts.”

Crave Online also reports that the violence is being labeled as an "alcohol-fueled attack" in which Brown was the lead on the attack but the others were just as responsible for the horrific acts against Derek Blake.

The three men will have to spend a minimum of 18 years in prison. Even though these guys have been labeled as the “Resident Evil killers” – because they admitted they played the game – there really is no tie-in with Resident Evil whatsoever.

None of the violence in the game is remotely as sadistic to this scenario. This is closer to some SAW type stuff than Resident Evil...but it doesn't really matter; there were no games that pushed these guys to do what they did and they're obviously just a sick bunch and the attachment to a high-profile game like Resident Evil is probably just being used to garner some sort of publicity out of a matter that otherwise would have been ignored by most of the general public. Congratulations sickos for using today's self-congratulatory internet age to garner fame where you don't deserve any.

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