The 8-bit open-world game Retro City Rampage will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade in a matter of days. Developer Vblank Entertainment plans to release the game on Xbox 360 on January 2nd.

In Retro City Rampage, players take on the role of a small-time criminal. They can freely explore a massive city and cause havoc. As with GTA games, though, criminal behavior will attract the police.

The game features about 60 story missions. Many of them are top-down shooters. Others incorporate stealth or 2D platforming. The game takes ample inspiration from classics of the 8-bit era.

Retro City debuted on the PS3 and PS Vita in North America on October 9th. PC owners received the game on the same day. The European PS3/Vita and WiiWare launches are expected in January as well.

Twitter users have a chance to win one of five free copies of the XBLA version. To be eligible, log into Twitter and re-tweet this tweet from Vblank.

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