Sponsored by MLG and designed for long-term computer and gaming users, the GUNNAR i-AMP lens Optiks gaming glasses are the latest trend in digital performance eyewear. With a pricy tag and a unique design, the real question is if they live up to the price and do your eyes really need them?

I’ve never been a fan of most gaming accessories that branch outside of controllers. Anything else usually seems sort of makeshift for quick corporate gain. In the case of the GUNNAR Optiks, I couldn’t completely say that they are a waste or unneeded, because the truth is: these glasses actually do their job and they really do help. Heck, I’m wearing them now to write this review.

The glasses use a patent-pending i-AMP lens technology that supposedly helps relax the eyes, improve vision and increase productivity. The i-AMP lens is proprietary tech by GUNNAR that reduces glare, outside visual “noise” and enhances contrast and oracular clarity during long hours of sitting in front of the TV or computer screen. In other words, they keep your eyes from getting messed up for staring at a screen for too long.

For as far as I’m concerned all the fact-sheets and technological jargon mean little next to nothing if the product doesn’t work. However, I can see how these glasses could be worth the time of gamers who suffer from eye-strain, irritation or headaches from too much TV/monitor time. Now I’m not going to say that they improve eyesight by some great degree but after wearing them for a couple of days for hours-on-end, the difference in visual perception are altered greatly: It’s easier to focus on images on-screen and the saturation and lighting distinctions are more vivid. My only gripe would be that the hue of the glasses takes on a slightly yellow tint, which can make it a little odd re-adjusting to colors on a digital screen once you take the glasses off.

When it comes to the design and comfort of the GUNNAR Optiks there’s hardly anything to complain about. It’s quite obvious from their design, though, that they’re built more-so gamers who want to look stylish rather than wearing them for normal outdoor use. Nevertheless, it’s not totally absurd to wear them around and about just for the heck of it, because they do look cool. The frame and lens have a sleek design that shouts for attention. The glasses also appear to have been designed to work well with headphones as they can slip in and out of a sturdy headphone set (i.e., Tretton's AXPC) without adding any kind of discomfort.

GUNNAR Optiks Major League Gaming glasses are pretty cool. Having the option of getting special prescription versions of the glasses or using them for more than just gaming certainly adds an extra quality measure to their use. However, with the retail price-tag ranging between $99 and $189 dollars, it doesn’t necessarily scream to be purchased by the average gamer and that clearly limits who these glasses are catered to. For those of you out there who do strain your eyes when playing games or using the computer for many hours throughout the day, the GUNNAR Optiks wouldn’t be a bad way to go if its an accessory you don’t mind emptying your wallet for.

Product:GUNNAR Optiks MLG Glasses
Price: $99 - $189 (depending on style, etc.)

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