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This announcement is strictly for those who came to rock. Harmonix has announced that, in celebration of the recent release of Rock Band Blitz and the impending five-year anniversary of the Rock Band franchise, more than 1,100 tracks are about to receive a deep discount on the Rock Band Music Store.

Announced via and set to kick off across all platforms tomorrow, nearly one-fourth of the Rock Band library of songs, including single tracks and several collections, is set to receive a fifty percent discount.

For nearly five years, Harmonix has made new tracks available for Rock Band games on nearly a weekly basis, including full albums, solo tracks and unique collections. Now that Rock Band Blitz is available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and seeing as how it can share your already existing (or soon to be purchased at half off) Rock Band library, now might be the perfect time to seriously boost your music game catalog.

“For more than 250 weeks, Harmonix has released fresh music content for the Rock Band franchise,” reads the announcement. “The hits have kept rolling out for nearly five years, including track packs, artist releases, the Rock Band Network pipeline and exportable games like Rock Band Blits, totaling over 3,900 songs available for the franchise overall.”

While not all of those nearly 4,000 tracks will be made available for half off starting tomorrow, there's a pretty good chance you can find a track or two in there worth adding to your collection. For those with an unhealthy amount of free time on their hands and a desire to see which tracks will be a part of this promotion, check out this tidy PDF file. After you're done with that, go ahead and get yourself a good night's sleep. For tomorrow...we rock.

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