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One of the most exciting features coming to the Psyonix battle sports game, Rocket League, is that it's going to be getting cross-platform support in network play. Yes, you read that right... it's going to support the option to have cross-platform multiplayer.

Shacknews is reporting that Psyonix will implement the cross-platform network play between Xbox One and PC, and eventually PS4, as they upgrade the multiplayer to support the ability to have the networks all join in together through the nexus that will be Rocket League.

The feature will roll out in the late spring between Xbox One and PC. It's expected to be the starting ground for the cross-platform network play and that makes a lot of sense. Traditionally, both Xbox and PC gamers have had various cross-platform compatible titles, from games like Shadowrun (and not the cyberpunk RPG) to titles like Lost Planet: Colonies Edition to fighting games like BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

Of course, Microsoft had the few titles that were cross-platform compatible locked in to Games For Windows Live, a service that was supposed to be a gaming platform but ended up turning into little more than a DRM blockade.

They don't mention if the cross-platform play will be universal on PC for Rocket League between Xbox One gamers, or if it's going to be limited to just Windows 10 users. Microsoft has been really pushing for Windows 10 to get adopted by hardcore PC gamers, but they've been having a tough time doing so. It's not improbable to think that Rocket League's cross-platform setup could be limited to Windows 10, but we won't know for sure until later into the spring.

One of the highlights of this bit of cross-platform compatibility is that there's no control advantage like in previous cross-platform games. First-person shooters have the distinct advantage given to PC gamers due to the fact that the keyboard and mouse are always more precise than a controller. That's not to mention that you can fine-tune the mouse's sensitivity and smoothness to take full advantage of a high DPI setup. Rocket League doesn't offer that kind of disadvantage to console gamers, so we should see more even footing when PC gamers face off against Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

I suppose the real news out of all of this is the fact that Xbox One and PS4 gamers will soon be able to face off against each other once and for all, proving who has the better console and who is the better skilled player: PlayStation gamers or Xbox gamers?

Psyonix doesn't reveal exactly when Xbox and PlayStation gamers will be able to face off against each other in Rocket League but Xbox One and PC gamers will first be able to go head-to-head this spring.

This should make for some very interesting match-ups and it will also be interesting to see if there will be any performance disadvantages that specific platforms will be able to exploit? I guess we'll find out once the cross-platform network play is implemented into Rocket League.

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