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E3 is getting its gears in motion, perhaps for the last hurrah, and that means more rumors and speculation is pouring over the internet. At this point we’ve likely heard about all but a few of the announcements. Really, E3 has lost its place as the time to announce big ticket items. But there are still some things that could surprise. The latest rumor, which will likely be confirmed/denied by end of day today is what’s next for the Halo series.

I mean really next, not the Jackson project or Halo Wars. According to Gamespot and their version of a reliable source the next Halo game could be tactical and gritty. The look and feel would be similar to the Neil Blompkampf live action shorts that came out last year as part of the mega promotion of Halo 3. The source says that Bungie – who’ll probably never get away from their flagship title – will announce the game sometime this year.

What can you expect? If the rumors are true we won’t be playing as Master Chief on the mystery planet seen during the very final cutscene. This new Halo game will take the form of a squad-based and tactical shooter. It’s described as a mix between Ghost Recon and Gears of War. For now this is most definitely a rumor, but you can color me intrigued.