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The Dubstep gun in Saints Row IV has captivated many gamers, bringing together torn apart families, bridging the gap of music tastes between jilted lovers, and arousing laughs from scorned adulterers. In a way, the Dubstep gun is peace. With that in mind, Volition has decided to branch out and bring in even more gamers by allowing the Dubstep gun to embody even more powers.

Volition and Deep Silver let loose the new trailer, which you can view above, detailing the new powers as if it were a terri-bad infomercial from the early 1990s, barely escaping the shoddy hairdos and fuzzy VHS feel of the 80s. The listing of the new Dubstep powers also falls in line with all those old music-CD infomercials where they were usually trying to sell you power ballads from the 80s, Christian music or classic country music. Aubrey Norris recalls in the press release some Michael Bolton infomercials but... ehh... I don't remember any of those... then again, Michael Bolton was too awesome to need an infomercial, he was like a more feminine, male version of Celine Dion.

Anyway, the Dubstep gun in Saints Row IV now has the ability to shoot Classical music, for those of you who like artists such as the feces-infatuated Mozart, or Polka, for people who have no taste in music whatsoever, or Heavy Metal, for people who like listening to other people reenact constipation to guitar chords.

Now, I understand that dubstep isn't to everyone's tastes and it can easily grate on you if you're listening to stuff from those young kids who look like they crawled out of a bad 1980s after-school special, but it really did manage to find a place in Saints Row that fits in well between the dildo swords and the anal raping weapons.

Of course, some people aren't very fond of satirical rape and that's fine... in fact, that whole forced dildo in the prostrate thing caused the Australian ratings board to flip their pricks, so eventually Volition had to make some changes and get it all ironed out. But if you agree with the Australian ratings board and feel like Saints Row IV pushed it too far, well then I have two words for you... Rockstar Games. Just go play GTA IV with the Dubstep gun and beat up hookers in the back of a cop's car to your heart's content and you don't even have to worry about all that other controversially offensive stuff.

For everyone else who doesn't have a rod jammed up their butt (namely the people who didn't purposefully put it there and not the people who inadvertently had it put there) you can grab the new DLC for the Dubstep gun for only $2.99. Need to learn more? Feel free to visit the official website.

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