If you can't get enough of Saints Row IV then you're in for a happy time today, because Deep Silver and Volition Software unleashed a brand new video of gameplay that was on display at this year's E3 for select members of the press behind closed doors.

The video features a detailed walkthrough of some of the new weapons and super-powers that players will have at their disposal, as well as a setup for the unbelievably over-the-top story involving the invasion of Earth by some intelligent-speaking, violent alien overlords.

Gaming Blend's own Ryan Winslett had an opportunity to check the game out at this year's E3 earlier in the month, but now you get to see what he saw and feel what he felt, and experience what he experienced as if you were a prime-time member of the press without having to go through all the drudge and media hoopla.

The video is just under ten minutes and gives gamers a nice setup of what to expect from the early goings of Saints Row IV. I think the interesting thing about it is that this isn't even really Saints Row anymore, it feels like Crackdown got bit by a radioactive Southpark zombie and then took a dump on Grand Theft Auto, you would see a fungus grow out of the mold and form into Saints Row IV. The whole gang warfare thing isn't even an actual thing in the fourth game, as it's all sci-fi, alien-invasion, anal-probing with ultra-violence and super powers.

Speaking of anal-probing – the game got hit with a pretty stiff ban in Australia for the whole anal-raping gun. I'm pretty sure there will be letters of indignation written about this weapon for many years to come from people who didn't take kindly to the real-life version of that weapon... mostly found in prisons, of course.

But on the up-and-up, Saints Row IV is poised to bring back a lot of the fun-factors that were missing in Saints Row: The Third, which could be summed up as a graphically improved, mini-game sequel to Saints Row 2. I mean to say that as an insult, though, not as a compliment.

It still looks like the crappy QTE fighting system from Saints Row: The Third is in full swing but I do like some of the new weapons and the customization features. It's such a shame that there were so many different levels of character manipulation missing from the third game, but Volition seems to be rectifying this with additional weapon skins, clothing options and color schemes. Good on them.

The only thing I'm a little worried about is how they're going to fit all this on a single Xbox 360 disc? Or will they cut content elsewhere? Perhaps fewer vehicles or a smaller world map? I guess we'll find out this August.

You can check out the game or learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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