New screenshots for Saints Row 4 have arrived just in time for E3, courtesy of publisher Deep Silver. These images give us a good look at the aliens at the heart the game's plot.

SR4 is set years after the events of Saints Row: The Third. The leader of the Third Street Saints has gone from pop culture icon to President of the United States. His presidency is soon challenged, however, by the arrival of extraterrestrials. The screenshots show these aliens crashing a White House press conference.

Eventually, the Saints' leader is imprisoned by the aliens inside a virtual version of Steelport. While it's meant as a jail for him, this simulation also gives him unexpected power. Because it's virtual reality, he can bend the rules to perform superhero-like moves like flying or running at lightning speed.

The >Saints Row series has always had one foot in silly but Volition is going all-out this time. We'll see whether the new sci-fi/fantasy route pays off for them when the game arrives in August.

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