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Samsung Cloud Gaming Lets Gamers Stream AAA Games From TV

Gaikai and Samsung have partnered together to bring gamers a brand new service that completely does away with game consoles, PCs and any other bulky hardware outside of a single game controller and the television screen. The new service is called Samsung Cloud Gaming.

David Perry, CEO of Gaikai Inc. commented in the press release about the new partnership, saying...

“Our vision is to provide the same access to video games that consumers enjoy with TV shows, movies and music. Our research made Samsung the obvious partner to turn this vision into a reality,” ...“Samsung is the largest TV manufacturer in the world and Gaikai is the industry-recognized fastest cloud-based streaming service for video games. Together, we will turn Samsung Smart TVs into a console-like experience capable of delivering the best-selling video games and other content instantly to consumers – no downloads, no extra hardware, no trips to the store.”

Gaikai was originally a cloud streaming service competing with OnLive (another cloud gaming service). However, the former is moving up and moving out to a more mainstream audience...the television viewing audience.

The service will see TV goers quickly and efficiently being able to play from a number of select AAA titles offered via the Gaikai cloud streaming service. Using accompanying controllers, gamers and TV users alike will have a few of their favorite gaming titles right there at the tip of their fingers and all that's required is a pretty fast (and stable) cable connection.

Kyung-shik Lee, Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics commented in the press release, saying...

“One of Samsung’s key strengths lies in bringing brand new technology and entertainment products to our consumers, and adding Gaikai to our Smart TVs delivers both,” ... “Working together we are proud to bring the biggest blockbuster video games straight onto Samsung televisions, significantly adding to the value of the Smart TV platform, as well as giving digital consumers an entirely new way to try and buy video games from the convenience of their living rooms.”

Gamers can start signing up right now to participate in the Samsung Cloud Gaming beta test. The service will be available on all 2012 Samsung Smart TVs starting with the Samsung 7000 series on up.

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