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Sega has announced that they have a series of games set to arrive for the Nintendo 3DS later this year on April 26 in the form of the Sega 3D Classics Collection. The pack will contain nine games and will have both a physical and digital release.

Shacknews did a brief rundown of the games available in the pack and listed what would be available for 3DS owners. You can check it out below.

• Power Drift • Puyo Puyo 2
• Maze Walker
• Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa
• Fantasy Zone II W.
• Sonic The Hedgehog
• Thunder Blade
• Galaxy Force II
• Altered Beast

The pack will cost $29.99 at release and some of the games are being made available for the first time in North America. Now before you get your hopes up too high, these aren't remade games, but rather a collection of games previously released just with the added 3DS autostereoscopic features enabled.

So if you were hoping that maybe you would get a chance to play Sonic: The Hedgehog with the updated and latest 3D special effects running on the Unreal Engine 4, you can firmly set that thought in the back of your mind. Sega is just putting together a collection of their older titles from the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis.

However, just because they're re-releasing older games for the Nintendo 3DS doesn't mean that they may not have another trick up their sleeve involving the blue hedgehog. They could very well be working on an all new game featuring out-of-this-world physics and gameplay. A lot of gamers are hoping that as part of celebrating 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega will do something special like what they did with Sonic Generations, and release a game that pays homage to the old side-scrolling games from the 16-bit era that really helped put Sega on the map.

As it stands, the most that Sega has done is unveil a poster celebrating the original release of Sonic: The Hedgehog for the Genesis and now they've announced a classic pack of games as part of a bundle. I'm sure fans who have never played the games will be looking forward to them, but many of the titles in the list above are already available for the Nintendo 3DS on the eShop.

For people who may not have ever played classics like Thunder Blade or Altered Beast will likely want to try their hand at it. But if you're beyond the nostalgia factor with Sega and you're at the point where you're only looking forward to really good product outings, you may want to keep on looking because this is nothing more than paying product lip service to older titles.

I don't know how well they're expecting this 3D collection to do given that many of the games are already available, but if it's a precursor to something bigger and better from Sega then that could be well worth it.