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Apparently there's at least one console company out there who isn't emulating the Wii's family friendly strategy. Silicon Xtal Corporation is currently working on SexBox, an adults-only gaming console.

Siliconera reports that the San Jose company registered the name in order to use it for a "video gaming console comprised of computer hardware with unique controls which plays Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles." No pictures have been released. Probably for the best - gives us all a chance to imagine what sort of controllers it will be bundled with.

For a company looking to make a foray into porno gaming, they have a surprisingly straight-laced website. There they claim that Apple and Microsoft have utilized their circuit designs for the iPhone and Xbox, respectively. I very much doubt Microsoft is in the loop on this one, though.

The picture on the right is a bundle of, uh, adult accessories that is sold in Japan under the same name.