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Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Heads To IndieGoGo

Shaq-Fu is always relegated as one of the “worst games ever made”. But that's not really true, it just had terribly clunky controls and impossibly cheating AI. Otherwise it was a typical 16-bit outing that you could have just as easily forgotten like “Marky” Mark's rap career. I mean, in that same vein, “Marky” Mark wasn't a bad rapper, he just didn't make very good rap songs.

Anyway, Shaquille O'Neal is making a return to form... in video games. His newest game, Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is a redo on his terrible 16-bit fighting game, only this time it's a game that's not going to suck (or at least, that's what everyone working on the game thinks).

ABC News managed to land an interview with the Super-Sized Shaq, where the Shaq-Man stated that...

"I don't think [Shaq-Fu] was the worst," .... "When you talk about the worst, you've got to talk about sales. I actually sold a lot of games, but when I did the first 'Shaq-Fu,' that was at the end of analog right before digital came out. It wasn't a bad game. It wasn't a good game, but it wasn't awful."

Yeah, it was awful; but as I said, it wasn't the “worst game ever made”.

As noted in that above IndieGoGo video, some French scapegoat stated that...

“French suicides doubled after its release.”

Dang it, I did not know that. I would have guessed suicides doubled after kids read French history books and realized they would be stained with the nationalism of a country that could never win wars, even against themselves.

Anyway, according to the O'Nealinator, they want to go bigger and better for the redo, which can hopefully spawn a sequel called Shaq-Fu Too.

The Shaqster stated that...

"The graphics, animation and storyline are definitely going to be top of the line,"

Well, I don't think it's fair for the Shaquille The Deal to drop that kind of promise. In fact, I think it's fair gamers decide whether or not the redo, remake, reboot or whatever it is, happens to be Shaqier and O'Nealier. Scope out the cinematic pitch in the video below.

When I watched the video before knowing that this was a crowd-funded project, I was somewhat excited. I don't know how I feel about it now, knowing that it's just a proof of concept and little else. It's like finding out that the orgasmic night you had during a drunken stupor across the town consisted of nothing more than a bottle of cognac and a rubber telephone with a hole in it. You sort of have to question: is it wrong that you liked it?

If you're not morally conflicted about the return of Shaq-Fu or you hope to see a Shaq-Fu Too at some point, feel free to pay a kind visit to the official IndieGoGo page.

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