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Microsoft's latest home console continues to evolve as an “all in One” entertainment device, with the Showtime Anytime app finally launching on the Xbox One. Already available on the Xbox 360, now folks gaming in the new generation can catch up on their favorite shows, watch some movies, and basically entertain themselves outside of pwning noobs in the virtual arena.

During the previous generation, game consoles started to shift focus, offering services and applications outside of the world of gaming and giving folks more reasons than ever to boot up their machines. I've actually met quite a few people who owned a console simply because it played Blu-rays and gave them access to services like Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll without having to buy a smart TV or a box that could only pull off the app side of the equation.

For Xbox Live members in the U.S. today is the the day you can keep that tradition alive for the Showtime app on the Xbox One, as the Anytime service is now available for Microsoft's latest console. If you subscribe to Showtime, you can watch both the East and West coast feeds through the app, as well as back catalogs of loads of shows and movies.

And here's a cool little twist: You don't need to be a Showtime subscriber to utilize the app. Sure, you won't get nearly the mileage out of Showtime Anytime if you aren't paying the additional fee, but absolutely anyone with a Gold membership can still download the app and enjoy select episodes of various Showtime series, according to the official announcement. If nothing else, think of it as a gratis sampling of what Showtime has to offer, giving you a chance to decide if a subscription is worth it to you.

Showtime originals include The Affair, Shameless, Masters of Sex, Penny Dreadful, House of Lies, Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie and more. And, since this is the future and all, you'll also be able to enjoy enhanced features, like continuing from where you left off on other devices, as well as voice and gesture controls.

“With our app on Xbox One, we’re introducing a new feature for Showtime Anytime on the television, making it easy to marathon view series or resume programs where they left off.,” continues the announcement. “Additionally, you can select your favorite Showtime series, movies or boxing matches and “pin” them to their Xbox One Home screen.”

Even better is the fact that the timing of the Showtime Anytime app is basically perfect for a trio of season premiers, all of which go live on Sunday, Jan. 11. That's when Shameless will kick off its fifth season, alongside fourth seasons of House of Lies and Episodes. If my math is correct, that gives you exactly one month to marathon all of their previous episodes to be ready to roll for the new run. Then again, if you get the app, you can always just watch it at your leisure and catch up when it suits you. But where's the fun in that?

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