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Bethesda has released 13 screenshots from Elder Scroll V: Skyrim's first expansion, Dawnguard. Through these images, we get a good look at the new characters and locations featured in the DLC.

Dawnguard depicts a war between vampire lords and an order of mortal men intent on killing them. The vampire lords are planning to somehow blot out the sun. The hunters are obviously not too happy about this, as it would allow the vampires to spread unchecked throughout the realm.

Players can side with either faction. If you throw in your lot with the vampire lords, you'll be able to become one of them. This will unlock new perks, such as the ability to drain enemy's life.

Both of the factions appear to have their own massive stronghold. It's only fitting. At some point in the DLC, the player will no doubt be asked to storm the enemy's faction and wipe everyone out.

Dawnguard will arrive on the Xbox 360 on June 26th. PS3 and PC players will get it at least a month later. Bethesda plans to launch a beta test on the 360 soon.

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